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Finding Foursquare Love

“If a check in occurs and nobody acknowledges it or comments on it, did a check in occur at all?”

For years now (two to be exact… because it was started in 2009), I have been on the fence about using Foursquare for personal check-ins. Foursquare has so many useful applications for our clients, but I just couldn’t decide where it fit into my life. One day I decided to just start checking in to see where it took me. I checked in here and there and I noticed other people doing the same, but there was nothing beyond the check in… no fireworks, no contests, no payday. I wondered if my check-ins were even relevant to the few people who followed me. I also worried about wasting bandwidth on my mobile data plan, because I’m the kind of guy who worries about every little detail.

Then one day I decided to do something about my lackluster interest in Foursquare and create something useful. I teamed up with the Pocketstop developer, Adam, to learn more about the API so that we could build an app that would display Foursquare check-ins on a screen. My vision was a “red carpet” type experience for live events.  A couple of late nights later, Adam and I had built a live check-in engine. We debuted it at the Jingle Mingle last week.

Now my relationship with Foursquare is a full on love affair. The ways the API allow us to combine creativity and technology is amazing. Even better are the possibilities of what we can build by integrating our Social CRM platform. I’ll keep blogging about Foursquare over the next year or so as we dive deeper into the API and integrate more and more with our platform.

- Brian Teague, Chief Technology Director