What is RedFlag?

Effective, proactive communication is shown to increase the speed of recovery, reduce associated losses, and maintain customer confidence. However, if you expect your message to be read immediately, it needs to be sent in the format that the recipient prefers– whether that’s voice, text, email or social media.

Pocketstop’s multi-channel outbound notification system called RedFlag delivers emergency and informational messages in a way that is simple, reliable and convenient.

When the unexpected occurs, RedFlag can play a critical role in emergency notification and business continuity. It is also invaluable for ongoing communications, as recipients are more likely to read information delivered via their preferred method.

RedFlag is a hosted solution, making it affordable for any organization. It runs on Microsoft’s cloud computing platform called Windows Azure, ensuring uninterrupted service while providing access to unlimited bandwidth, storage and compute hours. Built-in redundancy, data backups, and standard message encryption all contribute to a highly reliable and scalable solution.


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