How to Make Social CRM Work for Your Brand: Get It in the Hands of Your Salesforce

At Pocketstop we know Social CRM. We know the technology and how to power the people behind that technology, but there’s one very important step your brand needs to take to get the most out of a Social CRM platform: put Social CRM in the hands of your salespeople.

Once your brand makes the move towards Social CRM, you’re moving in the right direction. Use these tips and you’ll maximize the already strong force behind such a powerful platform:

1. Remember that your salespeople may not be as techy as the rest of the team

Chances are you’ve got a team of marketers, creatives and/or developers who know the latest and greatest social media tools and how to use them. It’s true that your salespeople might be up-to-speed with what’s happening online and behind the scenes, but don’t make any assumptions. Many times salespeople are out there using their days to make face-to-face interactions with your clients instead of all day at a computer. They might not be as tech savvy as the rest of your bunch, and it’s your salespeople you need to keep in mind when thinking about the ease of your interface. Keep it simple and easy to use.

2. Remind your sales team that social media and online tools are a good use of their time

Unfortunately, spending time online has developed a reputation of being a time-waster. But when you’re using your Social CRM platform to analyze online behavior, online is where you need to be. You can’t get to know online trends and the people behind them without spending time online yourself. Encourage your salespeople to spend time online using social media tools.

3. Integrate your Social CRM platform into your sales flow

Many teams tend to think of Social CRM as an extra tool instead of part of the everyday plan. Change this attitude by including integral steps of your sales flow into your Social CRM platform. Train your salesforce on your platform and send frequent reminders about updates and/or new tools.